Competencies: the starting point.

In any organisation, there is always an ongoing dynamic between the skills required by a business and what people are actually good at doing. The more mature organisations, who have a wealth of experience, are often conflicted by how the business needs to move forward and the people they have to get them moving in the right direction.

Whose fault is this? Well, it is easy enough to criticise those who challenge the need for change; those who constantly say, ‘we’ve always done it like this’ and it is easy enough to point the finger at those limiting the pace of change.

And yet, it is more constructive to ask the question why this conflict occurred in the first place. Is it because there has not been an honest discussion about what skills are required by the business; what direction the business needs to take and the roles and responsibilities that will become a requirement, what behaviours are deemed acceptable and what behaviours are acting against the best interests of the business?

Just as relevant, has there been any discussion about the true talents of the employee; what they want from the business; where they see their future and what help and guidance the company can provide to help and support them?  Having the right skills and competencies is a two-way street and needs extremely forthright and challenging discussions.

Only when this happens does the conflict disappear and even those with the most experience understand how they can change and help – rather than hinder- the progress of the business.

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