How to evidence skills

How do you collect evidence to demonstrate the disparity between Job Roles, Job Descriptions, Job Profiles – and what they actually do? No, it is not a trick question, but the answer is simple and straight forward. Watch them! Not for a few minutes, not for a couple of hours but for a whole shift, for a couple shifts. Watch the same shifts with various people. Watch what they do and also examine why they do it.

I am not talking about a covert operation but a simple shadowing exercise, observing what they are doing without getting involved, without interrupting and without being intrusive.

A few hours spent with a manager will provide a wealth of information about how the business works; a few more hours will indicate many of the problems and issues with which Managers and Supervisors have to contend; a full shift will explain why people behave as they do. Done a few times, this exercise will make you realise what make the business really ‘tick’.

Just as importantly, it provides crucial information in formulating development programmes, individual training plans, skills courses and organisational competency needs. What people actually do – and why – should be central to the establishment of a competency framework and the subsequent development actions.

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