The Training Imperative

In the pressured world of industry, to imagine that anyone and everyone is capable of becoming a great Manager or Leader is disingenuous. To suppose that every Manager is competent is misguided and dishonest.

This invention is perpetuated by the endless hours of training given by those whose sole purpose is providing the paraphernalia of modern-day management training, fulfilling their part in a commercially profitable ‘tick-box’ and ‘sheep-dip’ merry-go-round of ‘development’ courses.

It is too important to leave employees to their own devices and to set expectations that are unrealistic or unachievable.

Nonetheless, there is a way of doing this properly – and successfully. Through focussed competency criteria, aptitude and capability testing together with targeted training and agreed outcomes, there is a way of creating an organisation that ensures engagement, involvement, fulfilment, purpose and success.

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