Job Descriptions

When I ask people in the organisation, whether they have a job description, the usual answer is, ‘yes, I think so’. The uncertainty is not because they are wondering whether their personal profile is being kept safely. It is more a deep-seated hope that surely, their organisation would – or should – have a job description for their position?

They need not worry. Of course, most organisations do have people’s job descriptions safely tucked away in some secure filing cabinet.

The problem is two-fold. Firstly, the last time it was looked at was during their induction and secondly, the content of the job description has little in common with what they actually do. The disparity between what is expected of the role and the activities that actually have to be carried out demonstrates just one reason why training can bear little relevance to the challenges people face, why people are arbitrarily seen as succeeding or failing and betrays the distance between the people carrying out the work and those that are supposed to be supporting them.

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